I’m really grateful to my friend Eric who managed to squeeze this 16 minute interview on to my website. You’ll find the link in the My Books section on ruthsutton.co.uk, and it should work if you click on it. The BBC Radio Cumbria interviewer Paul Braithwaite asked some really good questions and made it easy to keep the conversation going, for much longer than I expected. If you look at the last blog post and then listen to the interview you’ll see the connections between the two. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I’ll be back shortly with a fresh blog post using tomorrow’s experience of a library talk and a book group back to back to reflect on what I learn from readers. One reader is already emailing me as she reads, trying to slow down to make her reading of ‘Cruel Tide’ last as long as she can. Once she’s finished she’ll have to wait almost a year before the next ‘instalment’ of the series is written and produced. ‘No pressure’ she says, but I can feel the pressure already.