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My new book arrives: how does it feel?

I'm ruthless with my Twitter feed, regularly and systematically blocking anything I don't want and refusing to 'follow back' until I've checked the person out. Too many 'followers' are just fishing for reciprocation, and I'm not interested. As a consequence, my...

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Local or global promotion?

The story so far... I tried putting one of my books on the Kindle free list. 115 copies were downloaded, and quite a few readers were reading 'pages' during the four days of the promotion and shortly afterwards. No way of knowing whether there will be a longer term...

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Do book ‘promotions’ work?

Well, I put 'A Good Liar' on the Kindle free ebook list last week and 115 copies were downloaded over the five days of the offer. At the same time the number of (KENP) pages being read of both 'A Good Liar' and 'Forgiven', which is the next book in the series, both...

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‘Free’ ebooks: what are the implications?

After my post last week about the ludicrously low prices that are being charged for ebooks, I decided to try something. I put one of my novels - the first one, 'A Good Liar' - onto a four day free offer, starting on April 23rd, which happened to be my birthday....

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Are eBook prices far too low?

I had an interesting exchange recently with an indie publisher who's been in the trade for many years and seen it all. This is what he said on the issue of eBook prices. "Things are tough for every indie publisher - readers seem to have decided that the price point...

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Does proof-reading flatten language?

Of course, the question is facile: it's not as black and white as that. So let's pick apart the proof-reading stage of the publishing process, just to see what it contributes and where problems can arise. First off, doing without proof-reading is a mistake. Nothing...

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How useful is a big book ‘launch’?

When I produced my first book in 2012 I was so taken up with the final stages  of publication and all the detailed stuff that most writers - me included - find so intimidating, that I didn't even think about a book launch. Then I came across a friendly local PR...

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Agents – how did they get to be so powerful?

I saw an advert today for a 'writing conference', but actually it was an event designed solely to give writers access to a group of agents, for whom the writers were expected to 'perform', aka 'pitching'. For this experience the writers would travel to the venue and...

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Opening paragraph: it has to be good!

Almost at the end of the writing and editing process on the new book now, and the last thing on the list of issues to deal with is the opening paragraph. The current version has been written and rewritten countless times over the past few months and before I'm done...

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